Belcher kids face a crime most distasteful in Bob’s Burgers Halloween episode

Belcher kids face a crime most distasteful in <em>Bob’s Burgers</em> Halloween episode

Someone’s stealing everyone’s hard-earned Halloween candy on Ocean Avenue and it’s up to the Belcher kids to investigate in this Sunday’s spooky-themed Bob’s Burgers episode.

In an exclusive clip from the upcoming episode, Tina, dressed as a “Nun of your business,” Gene as “Andrew 3000 the Giant,” and Louise, wearing a dragon tattoo costume, are alerted to the candy thieves by Andy and Ollie (wearing “peanut butter” and “jelly” costumes) during a Halloween parade in the sleepy seaside town.

As more kids come to the Belchers with details of the monsters that stole their candy (a devil, an astronaut, and Jason from Friday the 13th), Gene declares there’s a war on Halloween, and the kids are forced to take extreme measures to protect their sweet treats.

Watch the exclusive clip above for more details on the tasty whodunnit.

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