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87-year-old spent 13 hours in wet clothes after British Airways refused her to use toilet

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In a shocking incident, an old lady was humiliated and made to sit in her wet clothes on a 13-hour-long flight by the British Airways. The 87-year-old woman was barred from using the toilet by a flight attendant as the plane was on the runway waiting to take-off. However, reports suggest the plane ended up waiting on the runway for 90 minutes, resulting in the elderly lady wetting herself. The incident had occurred on a British Airways flights flying from Los Angeles to London on December 22, last year.

Kocharik Tsamouzian wanted to use the loo shortly after boarding the flight but the cabin crew refused her saying the flight would take off soon. The horrible ordeal was shared by her daughter who informed that the stewardess blocked her path in the aisle despite her begging several times. “She said, ‘You’re not going to the toilet’ and stood in front of her,” the daughter told Daily Mail.

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The poor lady spent the rest of her journey in pain and in tears as she could not change her clothes.

British Airways has acknowledged the incident and offered a compensation of mere £40. However, the air carrier has not issued any formal apology, the daughter of the elderly woman told Daily Mail.

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“They offered me just £40 compensation. It is an insult. I was shaking with anger. I emailed and said I demand to speak to someone. This is degrading, insulting, I wouldn’t even take £4,000 from you… I want a proper apology,” her daughter Behroozi, who lives in L.A told the news organisation.

Behroozi also informed that her mother who lives in London has refused to fly out of London ever again. “She said she will never fly to the UK again. She went through such an ordeal she said she will never fly to see me again. I go and visit her in LA every two or three months.’

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