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A ‘very fat’ person’s Twitter thread on air travel goes viral, and it’s heartbreaking

A ‘very fat’ person’s Twitter thread on air travel goes viral, and it’s heartbreaking

Did you know airlines have a “customer of size” policy? According to the norms, airlines can reserve the right to admission for plus-size people and a few even have the right to evict a passenger after having boarded the flight. Yes, these are only a few shocking revelations about the airline industry and how they treat obese passengers.

A Twitter user, who goes by the name ‘Your Fat Friend’, in a heartbreaking thread shared the excruciating trauma and humiliation a “very fat person” has to endure every single time they take a flight.  Her poignant Twitter thread, the details of which have shocked many, is going viral and has triggered an online debate with many others sharing their own horrific experiences.

In a detailed thread, the American talked about how she prepares to fly, including buying a second seat and a seatbelt extender.

“I researched airlines for their “customer of size” policies, many of which reserve the right to kick me off the plane, even after boarding. The rest require purchase of a second seat. If I don’t buy one in advance, I’ll be charged the day-of price. Today, that’s $800 one way. I’m charged for that second seat regardless of whether one is available. I pay double for the privilege of staying on the plane,” she wrote giving insights about policies many users didn’t know about.

You can read the entire Twitter thread here:

She also added that even if she bought a second seat in advance, the airline could sell it to another customer. Also informing that if they do they will not notify her, forget about refunding her the money.

To save herself from any insults, she has even bought a seatbelt extender in fear that asking for extra would invite attention and fellow passengers may report her, an experience she has had in the past and she even stopped flying after that. “Passengers complaining to flight attendants will get me reseated, charged double, or escorted off the plane, stranded without a way home.”

“Over the last 2 yrs, about 50% of passengers in my row complained about me. So, my body is regularly discussed in my presence w/o my input. Some policies don’t include a refund or rebooking policy. So I could be out $1300 & still stranded. That’s a risk I take every time I fly,” the painful post read.

Giving an insight how airline companies treat obese people she wrote, “And no matter what happens, if someone complains, my body will be discussed loudly, with open revulsion, without regard for who hears it. As a very fat person on a plane, I am treated like luggage–a cumbersome, exasperating inconvenience. Inanimate & unfeeling.”

She also highlighted despite such difficulties, why she goes through this stress every time she books a flight ticket.

While many people offered her support, many users also slammed her and suggested instead of complaining she should consider losing “some weight”. Few rude users even mocked her and a user wrote, “It’s not the space so much as it’s the weight. More weight=more fuel. You think jet fuel grows on trees?” The user whose father is a pilot fought back and replied, “I was raised by pilots. Airlines’ bottom lines are doing just fine, I promise.”

She stressed on the fact that no one wishes to be fat and every fat person has tried varies means to lose weight. “Reminder: fat people deserve support, even when we’re not “happy & healthy.” Size, happiness & health shouldn’t be preconditions of respect,” she added.

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