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Amber Tamblyn’s tweets about being ‘coerced’ into sex after the Aziz Ansari controversy spark debate

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In the wake of the #MeToo movement that erupted in the Hollywood industry after many members of the fraternity accused bigwigs like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and James Franco of sexual harassment; one of the most talked-about incident in recent times has been a young photographer’s “date gone bad” with comedian and actor Aziz Ansari.

While many continued to harbour the opinion that the young woman should have just said “no” and walked away, and even questioned her as to why did she went to his place in the first place anyway; others called out Ansari’s behaviour to be unacceptable. Actor and director Amber Tamblyn too, joined force in explaining how the #MeToo movement was so much more than people’s opinions of what it was. She said that coercing a woman into having sex is an “abuse of power” and is no less a form of sexual assault in itself.

While she has vociferously lent her voice and support to the MeToo and Time’s Up movements in her earlier tweets, it is her two latest tweets — one narrating an incident, and the other declaring that coercion as an “abuse of power”, that have got Netizens to sit up and think hard.

“I had dinner with a woman who told me a brutal story about being coerced into sex by a very famous guy. Awful. After seeing how the woman who spoke out about Ansari is being treated, she decided not to share her story publicly. Let this lose you some sleep tonight, Twitter,” Tamblyn wrote first, following which, after over twelve hours, she tweeted: “Heed it: Coercion is an exacted, parallel form of assault. If we are leaving out the grey areas of these difficult conversations, then we are not fully addressing the enormous disparities of power between men and women. Coercing. A. Woman. Into. Sex. Is. An. Abuse. Of. Power.”

The time-gap between both the tweets could indicate that they were written in two isolated mind-frames, and both ended up generating a lot of buzz on Twitter.

While many agreed with Tamblyn’s point of view, others engaged in a debate over how – maybe, Grace was at fault for not saying no ‘verbally’ and wondered if Ansari employed any means of coercion at all.

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