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BJP MLA’s comparison of corrupt officials and dancing girls draws flak on Twitter

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A BJP legislator from Uttar Pradesh joined the ‘infamous’ list of political leaders who make bizzare and outrageous comments. In a viral video, Surendra Singh purportedly compares government officials and dancing girls. According to ANI, he says: “Officials se accha charitra vaishyaon ka hota hai, woh paisa lekar kam se kam apna kaam toh karti hain aur stage pe naachti hain. Par yeh officials toh paisa lekar bhi aapka kaam karenge ki nahi, iski koi guarantee hi nahi hai. (Prostitutes are better than officials. They at least do the work worth the money they take and dance on the stage. But these officials take the money, with no guarantee that that they get the work done).

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The bizarre comparison he made between sex workers and corrupt bureaucrats left many on social media, especially Twitter, enraged. While certain people called his statement “sexist and gross”, others, surprisingly, agreed with what he had said. “What he is saying must be correct but the example is absurd.” wrote ‘Milestone’ on Twitter.

Absurd or not? What do you think?

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