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Class 12 CBSE Physical Education textbook claims 36-24-36 is ‘best’ female figure

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What we learn in school is really the foundation of our thoughts. Thus, great importance is given to school education, and definitely, on the books, our children are taught. However, in the recent past, some contents in our textbooks are far less than being knowledgeable.

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Now, one such book’s content is doing rounds on social media that has not only stunned them but also raised the question how the book is being taught in school. The Physical Education book in question, while describing the ‘physical and anatomical differences between male and female’, highlights what should be a ‘best’ shape of a female body. The CBSE textbook mentions bizarre body measurements and claims, ” 36, 24, 36, shapes of female is considered best.” And to justify such admonishing claims it goes on to say, “That is why in Miss World or Miss Universe competitions such type of shape is also taken into consideration.”

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The book is published by New Saraswati House and is taught to CBSE students of Class 12 though it hasn’t been brought out by the NCERT. Titled, the Health and Physical Education Textbook by Dr VK Sharma.

The contents of the book have created an uproar on social media and people are surely not happy with the unnatural beauty standards.

While exercising is advised to remain fit and healthy, the book propagates — “Exercise makes figure beautiful”. The shocking contents of the book do not end there, it further reminds us that “the 36-24-36 figure does not come up by chance.” Advocating that the so-called perfect body shape can be attained “through regular and various types of exercise.”

The problem is not just with the content but also the lingo used in the textbook and clearly, the referencing beauty pageants are problematic. And let’s not even get there that the author has least ideas about beauty competitions. Why any measurements at all should be part of a curriculum textbook, is another question altogether.

Here’s what people had to say

Netizens also took note that ‘V-shape’ would be an ideal male body shape

And by the way, the author also doesn’t believe females can be good athletes, yes, because ladies, your’s body shape does not allow you that. “The vertebrae in females is usually long but in it, comparison upper and lower limbs (hands and legs) are smaller, whereas, the vertebra, hands and legs of males are longer in comparison to females. The bones of hips of females are wider. Knees are slightly apart. Due to this shape females are not able to run properly.” Of course, so what if PT Usha, Dutee Chand, Anju Booby George are ‘not’ good runners!

(Source: News Minute)

Surely, this is not the first time books taught in school has raised questions. Earlier a book claimed that a woman’s ‘ugliness’ could be the reason for dowry while another science book as an experiment, encouraged students to kill a cat! has reached out to the publisher and is awaiting a response.


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