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Delhi girl goes topless in protest while standing in an ATM queue

Delhi girl goes topless in protest while standing in an ATM queue

The recent move by Prime Minister Narendra Modi of demonetising old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 has left many wondering as to what just hit them and how their life just changed overnight. The old currency notes they had stood invalid and they suddenly found themselves standing long queues outside banks and ATMs to withdraw their own money.

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The lack of proper implementation and planning that could have gone into the new measure taken against black money and corruption has left people frustrated and in deep trouble. While the ones who have black money stashed in their houses look for ways to get rid of it in whatever way possible, the ones with honest hard-earned money are bearing the brunt.

Frustrated after standing in a queue outside an ATM in Mayur Vihar Phase 3 on November 13, a girl put off her shirt in protest. In front of hundreds of people standing in the queue, she lost her calm and stripped, according to a report.

The girl was immediately attended to by a lady constable who was present nearby. She asked her to wear her clothes and later took her to Ghazipur police station. The woman was then taken to an Axis Bank ATM, where she was able to withdraw the money she needed. Reportedly, the woman was a transgender as told by other people standing in the queue.

According to reports, people were standing in the queue for hours and the woman eventually lost her cool.

Of course, there are millions in the country who are lauding the PM’s decision but the ground reality reflecting people’s troubles in cities and rural India cannot be ignored.

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