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Disturbing images of 8-yr-old girl chained to a post for refusing to go to school go viral

Disturbing images of 8-yr-old girl chained to a post for refusing to go to school go viral

Parents can punish their children in numerous ways to teach them a lesson, but to chain them up to a lamppost! Well, that’s just another level of trying to discipline one’s kid altogether.

Pictures of a little girl chained to a lamppost in a car parking complex have gone viral. According to reports, the incident occurred in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Images of the eight-year-old child in school uniform sucking her thumb and standing have created rage on social media.

According to reports, the mother of the child is being investigated for the ‘cruel’ act. Malaysian Outlook reported that the residents noticed the girl and alerted the police. When the police came in to enquire what had happened, the girl said she was being punished by her mother for misbehaving and refusing to go to school.

Hearing that her mother would return soon to unchain her, the police waited at the scene. After 10 minutes, the lady arrived and admitted she had punished the girl because she often refused to go to school.

The police ordered the mother to unchain her immediately and took the duo in custody and “were brought to the Subang Jaya district police headquarters for questioning,” the report added.

The police said the girl was given this brutal punishment for the first time. (Source: Malaysian Anti Abuse Task Force/ Facebook)

The Star Newspaper of Malaysia quoted, Assistant Police Commissioner Mohammad Azlin Sadari saying: ‘We established that it was the first time the girl was chained.” The police released the mother with an strict warning to her not to repeat it ever again.

Though it was not clear for how long the girl was tied to the chain, the pictures circulated on social media suggest it was taken after school hours. With a ping bag lying at a distance and blue water bottle near her feet, it has pained Netizens of the world and many questioned how could the mother not be punished.

ACP Sadari however, said officers were investigating the case under a local Child Act dealing with neglect and exposure of a child to physical injury, the report added.

The images have generated a lot of buzz online, with people getting outraged on the mother. “A mother put a vulnerable child in danger. Who knows what could have happened if someone with evil intent had come across her, she would have had no chance of escape!!” one person said, while another said, “Can’t imagine what went on inside the child’s little mind as she stood there chained.”

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