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Heartfelt tributes pour in on Twitter for Lini Puthussery, the Kerala nurse who died battling Nipah virus

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At least 10 people have died in the Nipah virus infection outbreak in Kerala. A total of 116 people have been quarantined ever since the deadly infection was reported in the state. Among the dead was a nurse who contracted the infection while attending to three victims. Befor she died, Lini Puthussery left a note for her husband Sajeesh. “Sajeeshetta, Am almost on the way….Don’t think I will be able to meet you. Sorry. You should look after our children well. Poor Kunju, you should take him to the Gulf once. Should not be alone like our father. Plz …With lots of love,” read the text on her letter.

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Social media rung with tributes and heartfelt condolences for Lini. May called her a brave-soul and a martyr, among other similar terms of endearment.

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