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Here is the truth behind the ‘Durgesh memes’ going viral on the Internet

Here is the truth behind the ‘Durgesh memes’ going viral on the Internet

Not so long ago, you must have come across screenshots of a certain ‘Sanjay Kapoor’s’ Instagram pictures on your social media news-feed several times. You must have probably glanced through it or had a good laugh about it. The pictures told the story of a guy and a ‘catfish’ (as the Instagram account describes him) called Durgesh. With crass references to how Sanjay is ‘obsessed with breasts’ and how he ended up being conned by Durgesh when he boarded a plane to meet a girl, you might think the memes could be the next round of senseless jokes that the Internet trolls are working hard on coming up with, but it is not just that. According to the Facebook post of Sudhanshu Pandey, who claims to be the brother of the boy in the pictures, this is a father-son duo and it is on their expense that social media trolls have been laughing of late.

Talking to Pandey said that the elderly man, whose actual name is Sanjay and is in his fifties, has gone through two brain surgeries and is physically weak and his 19-year-old son, whose actual name is Durgesh and is his only child, has been shouldering many responsibilities from the tender age of ten.

He said he came across the memes on a Facebook page that he was following. When he called up his brother to ask if he had an account on Instagram with the name Sanjay Kapoor, he was clueless about it. “My brother was in deep despair when he got to know about this and it took us more than a couple of days to get him back to normalcy,” said the 22-year-old who lives in Allahabad.

Read the text of his post, here.

Frnds,,, I have something very important to share,,, plzzz poora padhna,,,
Aajkal meme market me ek Naya material aaya he,,, uska naam he Durgesh,,, sab log hadd se aage troll Kar rhe he use,,,
Uski pics pe bahut bhadde comments ho rhe he,,, ye Jo aap pics dekh rhe he,, ye sab international level pe viral hui he,, uske captions ki wajah se and log bahut share bhi Kar chuke he,,,
Now ,it’s time to hear the truth,,,
Kaun he Durgesh?????
Ans:- Mera Bhai he wo,
And ye sab Jo kuch bhi ho raha he usme uska koi haath nahi he,,,
Uske kisi enemy me Instagram par “Sanjay Kapoor ” name se ek parody account banaya and ye sab post kiya,,, it went viral in minutes,,,
Mere Bhai ki Kya galti thi????
Bas itna ki use apna insta account private nahi kiya Tha,,, and that scum used his innocence for his memes
We don’t know who’s that b*st**d behind all this but whoever it is ,,, bahut galat kiya he tune
And itna hi nahi us kamine ne Durgesh ke papa mtlb mere uncle Tak ko nahi choda and un par bhi memes bane ja rhe he,,,
C’mon yr,,, no one knows what things he has gone through
2 brain surgeries,,, his body is too weak for all this bulls**t,,,
Ek physically disabled 50 yr father ka tum aise majak nahi uda sakte yr,,,
Durgesh is his only child,,, just think of it ,,,
Ye sab dekhkar unpar Kya beet rahi hogi,,
Mera Bhai bahut hi simple sa ladka he,,, and I m proud of him,,,
10 saal ke age se hi bahut si responsibilities he uske upar ,,, and he is working too hard for just his parents ,,,
And aisa ladka ye sab deserve nahi karta,,,
And if someone thinks ke ye sab karke wo mere Bhai ko weak bana raha he,,, to Ghar ja tu ,,hum sab uske saath he,,, and he is very strong for all this,,,
A request to all my frndss ,,, plzzz share as much as u can,,,”

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