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Here is why this photo of a 2-year-old crying is going viral

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The picture of 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi lying facedown on the Mediterranean beach became the defining moment in the mass migration of people from war-torn Syria, Now, a picture of 2-year-old Honduran girl crying as her mother stood beside her at the US-Mexico border has become a point of debate on the United States President Donald Trump’s policy of “zero tolerance” on borders, that have resulted in children being separated from their parents who brought them there. The picture, clicked by Getty photographer John Moore – a Pulitzer prize winner – has gone viral on social media. The girl’s mother was being frisked and body-searched (after which she was reportedly detained) when Moore took this picture.

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In an interview to the CNN, Moore talked at length about the context of the photo. “As I finished taking these photographs, I had to stop and take a few breaths. I was sort of overcome with emotion myself. But then it was over and they drove away.” he said, adding that he wanted to stop her crying.

Here are some of the responses the picture garnered on social media.

On an attempt to cap illegal migration, about 2,000 children were separated from their families at the southern border in the US, according Department of Homeland Security figures obtained by AP. Over a six-week period between mid-April to May end, 1,995 minors were separated from 1,940 adults.

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