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‘I am so sorry’: Old lady’s words to Imam who protected London Mosque attack suspect from getting beaten is so heart-touching

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In yet another attack in London, a van rammed into worshippers in north London’s Finsbury Park Mosque on June 19. At least one person was declared dead while many others were injured in the attack. Reportedly Darren Osborne, a Cardiff resident, was suspected to be behind the attack. According to a Guardian report, the family of the suspect claimed that he was mentally unwell. People on social media expressed shock on coming to know about the loss, but it is the heroic act of Imam Mohammed Mahmoud that is garnering love from across the world on social media.

According to a report by Mirror, after bystanders caught hold of the suspect, Mahmoud told them “don’t hit him, hand him over to the police, pin him down”. He told that he had asked people not to hit him because he wanted to stop further bloodshed. In what seems to be a response to his heartwarming act, a video showing an old woman on a wheelchair going up to him and thanking him has gone viral.

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Watch the video here.

The woman is addressed as Julie in the video. Seemingly disturbed by the attack, she says “People who have done this are not English. They are not Christians. In fact, God forgive me in your holy month, they are animals. They are pigs.” She says that the Quran and the Bible preaches to ‘love your brother like you love yourself’ and asks looking at the camera — “Would you do that your brother?” She then looks at the Imam with tearful eyes and apologises to him. “I have come all the way from Ilford just to see you and say I am so so sorry”, she says.

Here are some of the reactions the video has garnered.

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