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‘Justice delayed but not denied’: Twitterati relieved over Aarushi murder case verdict

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The Allahabad High Court acquitted parents of Aarushi Talwar – Rajesh and Nupur – in the double murder case of their 14-year-old daughter and domestic help Hemraj. Nupur and Rajesh Talwar, were serving life imprisonment in Ghaziabad’s Dasna jail, in accordance with a sentence awarded to the couple four years ago by a CBI court. Challenging their conviction following the CBI court order, the couple had filed an appeal in Allahabad High Court.

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Soon after news of the verdict reached social media, there seemed to be a collective sigh of relief as the general mood was in support of the Talwars. The most oft-quoted lines were ‘justice delayed is justice denied’ by those who questioned the long struggle of the Talwars, and ‘justice delayed but not denied’ by those who thought that at least ‘finally’ there is some relief now. Hashtags of #AarusiVerdict, #Arushi, #Talwars, and Rajesh and Nupur Talwar soon started trending on social media sites, with thousands of tweets and reactions flooding in.

In a series of tweets, former J&K CM Omar Abdullah tweeted, “The law presumes innocence until guilt is established beyond reasonable doubt. Innocent till proven guilty is bedrock of criminal law.”


He was not the only one to be critical of the way the case was handled. While appreciating the verdict, many others also commented on the investigative process. Here are some of the tweets:


Others commented on how the case is still a mystery as the killer is still out at large.

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