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#JusticeForZainab trends as Twitterati seethe in anger following rape of 7-year-old Pakistani girl

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The news of seven-year-old Zainab Ansari’s rape and murder has sent shockwaves across the world. The little girl, from Kasur district of Pakistan, was on her way to her Quran recital class when she was allegedly abducted on January 4. Her body was recovered by the police from a garbage dump on January 9. The atrocious incident has brought the country, especially Kasur region, to a standstill, with many human rights activists and other groups protesting against the repeated instances of child abuse and they are now demanding stringent punishment for the perpetrator.

On social media, especially Twitter, the outrage and disgust took the form of an organised protest under the hashtag #JusticeForZainab. Kiran Naz, a Samaa TV anchor in Pakistan, voiced her protest by getting her toddler daughter to the newsroom while reading out the news. “Today, I am not your news anchor Kiran Naz, today I am here as a mother. This is why I am sitting here with my daughter,” she said,before her segment.

One of the most pertinent questions that many have put forward is: “Will 10 Jan 2018, when v picked up its dead body from a waste dump in Kasur become our LONGEST DAY OF SHAME- jolt us into action?” in the words of a Twitter user. This is how social media users across the world came together to condemn the inhuman act that has stirred the world, especially Pakistan.

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