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Karan Johar reacts to 100% fee hike in Bollywood, asks ‘why am I paying THIS actor Rs 15 crore?

Nairita Mukherjee, Senior Assistant Editor, India Today

The pandemic has been a difficult time for the movie industry – especially for distributors – who have lost a substantial amount of money because films did not release in theatres. Several daily wage workers within the industry have also lost jobs since film shooting was halted for nearly 18 months. At a time like this, several actors have hiked their fees, and Karan Johar identifies this as a dangerous trend. He also adds that there hasn’t been a 10-20 per cent hike, but in some cases, nearly 100 per cent. Karan Johar is ‘fed up’ with the constant increase in actors’ fees, a trend he’s especially spotted among the younger generation of actors.


During a producers’ roundtable with Film Companion, Karan Johar revealed that several younger actors have, in the last few months, hiked their fees up to 100 per cent. Some actors have even used excuses like their previous films did not work or they haven’t had a release [due to the pandemic]. All this at a time when the industry has been struggling to make profits with film shoots being halted and film releases deterred.

Karan Johar was joined by the likes of Reema Kagti, Zoya Akhtar, Nikkhil Advani, and Sameer Nair, who all expressed displeasure at the fact that a technician or a writer gets paid far less than an actor anyway, and yet, the demands do not seem to end. The producers agreed that while it makes sense to tie up with megastars and A-list actors as they bring in business, the demands newcomers make are baffling.

Karan Johar said, “There is a younger order that is yet to prove their muscle at the box office. They’re asking for Rs 20-30 crore. For no reason. Then you want to show a report card to them and say ‘hello, this is what your film opened to’.”

When asked if a big production house like Dharma can refuse actors when they get unreasonable, KJo said, “I would rather pay top dollar to members of the technical crew, who actually make the film special. Why am I paying some actor Rs 15 crore, and an editor Rs 55 lakh?”

Nikkhil Advani also goes on to add that for a certain A-list actor, the fees have gone up to “Rs 135 crore”, and while there are about six such A-list actors, others below them tend to follow this trend and expect an equal percentage hike. Zoya, at this point, jokingly added that she’d rather not make that film if the actor is asking for Rs 135 crore!

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