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Kerala man’s Facebook post on why vasectomy is better than tubectomy is going viral

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While tubectomy and vasectomy are both medically advised surgical procedures that many people consider and undergo while doing family planning, we have mostly seen the onus of contraception, more often than not, on women. Habeeb, a resident of Palakkad district in Kerala, opted for vasectomy as a step towards not having any more children and his Facebook post questioning the status quo has gone viral for the right reasons. Explaining how it is far less painful and complicated for the man to undergo vasectomy — in which the scrotum’s tubes that carry sperms are blocked or cut as a form of permanent sterilisation — Habeeb questions why wouldn’t one go for the easier solution than resorting to making women go through a more complex procedure.

Initiating a much-needed conversation on and around permanent contraception for men, he asked that if the doctor gave you two options — one, that of a simple surgical procedure that can be done under one’s skin, two — wherein, the stomach is cut and the organs within are pierced through, what would you choose? He implies that vasectomy took his a maximum of 20 minutes to go through, unlike how intricate and complicated undergoing tubectomy is for women. He further explained that he and his wife, Anju, decided that if she had a caesarean delivery, they would go for tubectomy along with it. If not, then they would get a vasectomy done. Assuring how undergoing the sterilisation process will not affect orgasm, ejaculation or cause erectile dysfunction, he wrote that the time taken for getting this done is roughly the same as catching a movie after work. He wrote he was on his way back from work and after getting operated, rode back home, all on his own.

This is his original post in Malayalam.

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A 2013 data report indicated how women make for 98 per cent of the sterilised population. Of the total 41,41,502 sterilisations done in India in 2015-16 under government programmes, a whopping 40,61,462 were tubectomies, according to data released by the Union health ministry in 2016. One of the major reasons behind this skewered ratio was reported as how many believed in the age-old myth of becoming “weak” or losing their sexual prowess.

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