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Kerala professor’s sexist remarks on Muslim women students result in outrage on social media

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A professor in Kerala’s Farook College, Jouhar Munavvir, allegedly likened Muslim girl students’ chests to sliced watermelons on display. He said this in a comment made a few weeks ago during a counselling session outside the college. The sickening nature of his statement, in which he further berated the girls for wearing leggings under their purdah which “they pull up…showing the leggings to the world,” resulted in an outrage on social media and off it. While enraged students took to the streets to march in protest against the assistant professor who teaches Social Studies Education in Farook Training College, many took to the Internet.

“I am the professor of Farook College where 80 per cent students are women, a majority among whom are Muslims. Think about it. The girls wear purdah but wear leggings inside. This is today’s style. They pull up the purdah, showing the leggings to the world. Don’t even talk about muftah. They don’t even wear the muftah. They wrap a shawl around with some 32 steps and 25 pins. That’s the style, revealing the chest. One of the body parts that man is highly attracted to is a woman’s bosom. That’s why it should be covered. But our girls reveal a part of their bosom. Like how we slice a melon open and see the ripe part inside. This style of wearing the muftah is not Islamic.” he said, speaking on how Muslim girl students dress in the college.

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His comment enraged many on social media and their comments continue to pour in.

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