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Mallika Dua responds to Twitter trolls questioning ‘Tinder aunty’ persona after Akshay Kumar’s comment

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Vinod Dua, veteran journalist and father of popular comedienne Mallika Dua took to Facebook to slam actor Akshay Kumar with a video showing him making a crass remark at Mallika from the shoot of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge went viral. “I am going to sc**w this cretin Akshay Kumar for telling his co-worker Mallika Dua that ‘Aap bell bajao, main aap ko bajata hun’ (You ring the bell, I will bang you)… This is his sense of humour and language… Star Plus… Wake up,” he wrote on Facebook.

While the video is no longer available on Facebook, Mallika took to the Internet to defend herself. She began by addressing the Internet trolls who questioned her choice of characters in the past (she has played the character of the very open Tinder aunty for AIB’s If Apps Were Humans).

Mallika shared her opinion through three tweets, where she expounded on how wrong it is to judge a woman by the characters she has played in the past and how that doesn’t stop her from taking a stand. Read what she shared, here.

“Is Kareena Kapoor not entitled to speak about things because she played Chameli? Is Vidya Balan not entitled to speak about things because she did a dirty picture? The people who shame us for the characters we play are the same people who make it okay for a Bhupendra Chaubey to speak to Sunny Leone the way he did. Shame on you. Fortunately, you can’t stop us. This isn’t about Akshay Kumar. This is about every big Bollywood star and every other big shot, who cannot tell the difference between charm and harm. This is about every big celebrity who thinks his colleague enjoys being grabbed by the waist and twirled around without her consent. This is about workplace etiquette for everybody, men and women included, and about understanding the idea of professional communication so we don’t make someone uncomfortable in their place of work unintentionally or otherwise. Well this shit makes us uncomfortable AF and we hate it. However, we are not the emotional fools most take us to be. I refuse to act on impulse and jeopardise my career for a race of crass alpha males with licences to make us cringe. It amounts to committing suicide just because every second person in the world is an a****le or not crossing the road because accidents happen. So yes, we are 100% complicit in letting it pass, sometimes for our own sake.”

The initial lines of her response clearly indicate how it was triggered by those who questioned her choice to play a certain type on character. Here are some of such tweets.

Mallika responded to some of the people who were bombarding her with questions like why had she protected her tweets, deleted a previous tweet wherein she says wants limitless humour and comfort at the workplace at the same time.

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