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Many mock LSR, JMC students allegedly hit by ‘semen-filled’ balloons with ‘FAKE, sarcy’ posts on ‘period blood-balloons’

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Stooping to a new low in hooliganism during Holi, perpetrators took to throwing semen-filled balloons at girls this year, as their social media posts claimed. After students of Lady Sri Ram took to Instagram to post about the horrifying experience, another student of Jesus and Mary College shared a similar experience on Facebook. While the culprits in the latter case are yet to be found, the former attack, according to news agency ANI, was carried out by a girl.

The two students who were targeted by the girl were given a written apology by her family. “The balloons that were thrown on us, had some kind of gooey material coming out of them. We took a written apology from the family of the girl. We need to change the mindset of people who say that ‘balloons phenkna toh holi khelne ka tareeka hai. No, it is not,” said one of the girls.

While the reason for the girl’s actions seems unfathomable, as soon as it was found that the first attack was apparently carried out by a girl, almost like a mockery of the harassment the girls have been facing, some guys on Facebook have been circulating fake posts on being hit with balloons filled with “period blood”.

Drawing from the victim’s initial statements with certain tweaks to the incident and language, the posts have been shared by multiple people on the networking site.


These posts have also been heavily condemned on social media, with people raising the point that while there is no excuse for the balloon-throwing or those who think Holi is an occasion to molest people, it’s imperative to understand that mocking someone on this subject is also not done.

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