MrBeast Recreated ‘Squid Game’ With Rs 3.4 Crore Prize and it’s a ‘Green Light’ From Us

MrBeast Recreated 'Squid Game' With Rs 3.4 Crore Prize and it's a 'Green Light' From Us

Squid Game drew from real life and now, ironically, real life is vying to recreate the Netflix hit show. Ever since its meteoric rise to popularity, the South Korean Netflix hit that’s conceptualised on the ills of capitalism, spawned a variety of products ranging from candy to games and challenges with a price set on them. Now, YouTuber MrBeast aka Jimmy Donaldson has done it on a grand scale, with 456 participants playing all of the games from the show, with the person who survived the longest to win $456,000. MrBeast’s set includes replications of all of the games from the show like Red Light Green Light, the honeycomb challenge, the marbles game, the tug of war, the glass hopping challenge and the final Squid Game. For the final challenge, however, he replaced South Korea’s popular Squid Game with musical chairs so that the Western participants would know the rules. Other than that, the only departure from the show is in the fact that nobody ended up being murdered for losing any of the games.

MrBeast’s video already has 1.5 core views on YouTube. The grand scale of MrBeast’s Squid Game recreation impressed his viewers, with many of them commending the set design and the attention to detail. “Jimmy this is incredible. At this point you should take the next logical step and establish a movie/tv production company – you’ve pretty much already created one from scratch. I would love to see how you could shake up that industry,” one viewer commented. Another speculated on how much the elaborate set could have cost the YouTuber, let alone the prize money that the winner could be seen digging into by the end of the video. “I wouldn’t be surprised this set cost 3.5 mil , everything was super spot on, good job Jimmy,” the viewer wrote.

Squid Game recently had another real-life recreation in Abu Dhabi. It was organised by the Korean Culture Center at Abu Dhabi, reported Khaleej Times. The competition was on the lines of the show but without the violence and bloodshed.

The show is a survival drama where 456 debt-ridden people from various countries compete in a tournament. The tournament comprises a series of children’s games with fatal outcomes for those who lose the game. The winner is entitled for a cash prize.

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