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Muslims ‘forced to leave’ Christmas market in Germany after setting up Islam info stand

Muslims ‘forced to leave’ Christmas market in Germany after setting up Islam info stand

In the days leading up to Christmas, around the world there are special fairs and markets set up for the festive season. The special Christmas markets are also crowd-magnet, not just for locals but even tourists, who flock to these places in great numbers.

Usually each town has its own special set of stalls promoting local business and handicraft, with enjoyment and communal love being the principal sentiments, however, at a Christmas market in Germany’s Rüdesheim by the Rhine, members setting up a stall were forced to leave because of their religion. Their fault – they were Muslims, and not Christians.

According to a Metro UK report, “Members of the Ahmadiyya Islamic community had set up an information booth on Islam at the Rüdesheim town hall simply to make people better understand the religion.” But locals complained that their stall was not in accordance with the Christmas spirit. The report also added that the members were allegedly ordered to leave “because of the ‘danger potential due to the violent public reaction’.”

Reportedly, few residents of the locality objected to their stall and one of the displeased citizen also remarked “This does not belong at a Christmas market!” the Express UK reported.

“Local people argued that a stand ‘which is obviously a question of the Koran design’ does not belong at a Christmas market,” the report further said.

Though some residents also took a stand for the Muslim community members setting up the stall in the Rüdesheim’s town hall, but that could not help them from being evicted.

Rüdesheim’s Mayor lashed out and said he was amazed to see such “intolerance.”

Many people on social media made racial remarks and questioned the real motive of the Islamic organisation setting up a stall at a Christmas market.


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