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Nine-month-old baby’s finger severed after staff shuts door at a daycare centre in Gurgaon

Nine-month-old baby’s finger severed after staff shuts door at a daycare centre in Gurgaon

A nine-month-old baby’s finger was severed from her hand allegedly due to the negligence of the caretakers at a day care centre in Gurgaon. The ring finger of the little toddler was caught in between a door when a maid was apparently changing her diaper. Irked by the gross negligence and the severity of the baby’s injury, her mother shared the painful account in a Facebook post that is now going viral.

In her post, Bhawna Rastogi detailed the entire ordeal and also alleged that the administration at the Intellitots Daycare Centre at Fortis Memorial Institute, Gurgaon is “withholding evidence.” Describing the horrific incident that has left her daughter’s left arm immobile, the mother wrote, “As I write this post, my baby lies beside me with her left arm immobilised and her left hand ring finger amputated as the Intellitots maid apparently shut the door on my daughter while changing the diaper while her finger got caught between the door.”

She further added, that the child underwent a major surgery and shall have few more for weeks on her road to recovery. “We had a major surgery on 19th May at Medanta and we don’t know what will happen. This will be repeated by another one this Thursday and this procedure will get repeated maybe twice every week for 6 weeks.”

She also alleged that when they demanded to see CCTV footage of May 19, the day the accident took place, the staff replied said no footage was available. “The CCTV got accidentally unplugged and only for that time when this happened, there is NO footage available !! They are clearly hiding the real incident and now withholding evidence!”

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The post has created a huge outcry on social media and the parents have vowed to take strong action against the staffs of the day care centre.

In an official statement to the, Ajey Maharaj, Associate Vice President, Corporate Communications of the Fortis group said, “This is regarding an unfortunate/alleged incident that caused injury to a 9-month-old child at Intellitots, located inside our Gurgaon facility. Intellitots is a day care facility, which has rented out a part of the FMRI facility to run a crèche. Fortis Healthcare has strict protocols and processes to deal with every sentinel event and this incident, even though it involves a third party, will be dealt with the same level of severity. We have started an enquiry into the matter and have served a show-cause notice to the vendor and apt punitive action will be taken.

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