Priyanka Chopra’s fans defend her against ‘what career’ comments after roast: ‘Americans think they make up the world’

Priyanka Chopra's fans defend her against ‘what career' comments after roast: 'Americans think they make up the world'

Priyanka Chopra was part of the recently released Netflix special, Jonas Brothers Family Roast. During her bit, Priyanka roasted her husband Nick Jonas and his brothers, joking about how she has more followers than all of them combined.

Priyanka said, “Nick and I have a 10-year age gap. There are many 90s pop culture references he doesn’t understand and I have to explain it to him. He showed me how to use Tik Tok for example. You know, and I showed him what a successful acting career looks like.” The joke left the audience in splits but apparently not everyone found it funny.


Netflix’s comedy account ‘Netflix is a joke’ posted pictures from this segment on their Instagram after the show’s release. Many commented on the post, questioning Priyanka’s claim to be a ‘successful actor’.

“Bold of her to assume,” wrote one. “Of all of them, she had to be the one who said this,” commented another. “Successful acting career? What, the Baywatch remake? I guess,” read another comment.

Priyanka’s fans also jumped to her defence, letting the haters know how she has enjoyed a much a successful career in India. “I’m not Indian, a Bollywood fan, or even a Priyanka fan but it is incredibly infuriating how ignorant the people in the comments section are. Being famous ‘just in India’ is a huge f***ing deal when that one country alone has 1 BILLION more inhabitants than the US. That country could swallow us. She is FAR more successful than the three Jonas brothers combined. Hard to admit because she’s not my cup of tea but credit where credit is due,” wrote an Instagram user.

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“Lol y’all really think acting is only based on what movies come out in the US. Sis literally has way more fans and followers from her Bollywood career ALONE lmao,” wrote another. “India has almost 2 billion people. That’s a lot of fans to choose from. Leave it to us Americans to make everything about us. Facts be damned. Jesus…i want off this planet,” wrote another fan.

Priyanka has been earning kudos from her Bollywood friends as well for her appearance on the roast. Taapsee Pannu, Anushka Sharma, Samantha Ruth Prabhu also lauded her for it.

Priyanka is a Padma Shri and a National Award-winning actor. She has worked in multiple Hindi films before crossing over to Hollywood. She will be seen next in Text For You, The Matrix Resurrections and Citadel.

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