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Really! This man was punched for not standing up during the National Anthem in Dangal

Really! This man was punched for not standing up during the National Anthem in Dangal

After the Supreme Court ordered playing of National Anthem before any film in theatres across the country, self-proclaimed nationalists have taken it upon themselves to make sure everyone stands during the National Anthem whenever and wherever it’s played. In a sudden urge of ‘nationalism’, a reportedly drunk man punched a 59-year-old in the face for not standing during the anthem when it was played in the Aamir Khan-starrer Dangal. This is after the man had already stood when it was played before the start of the film.

Amalraj Peter Dasan had gone to watch the 7.30pm show of Dangal in a cinema hall in Goregaon and was charged at by 52-year-old Shirish Madhukar, who reportedly confessed that he was under the influence of alcohol and had been overtaken “by patriotic zeal that reflected in the movie”. He has been booked under the Indian Penal Code sections 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) and 504 (insult with intention to provoke breach of peace) by the Goregaon police, but was let off by after a few hours because the Dasan didn’t lodge a complaint against Madhukar because he believes he has learnt his lesson already.

Dasan told Mumbai Mirror that it all happened so quickly that he didn’t even realise what (or who) hit him. “It was the scene where the protagonist’s daughter wins the gold medal and the national anthem’s tune is being played in the background. Suddenly, a man who was obviously very drunk, started screaming at everyone. He was shouting filthiest of abuses and asking people to stand up. I didn’t realise he was demanding that people rise to the national anthem tune. Before I could react, he landed a punch on my cheek.My wife was horrified as I took a few seconds to recover from the blow. By this time, the movie hall’s security managed to pin him down and the cops took him away,” he told the English daily.

The 59-year-old demanded that a system must be put in place to ensure that such misguided patriotism doesn’t harm people. He also urged film-makers to be careful while adding the National Anthem in their films now that the SC has ruled that everyone must stand while it’s playing. “Mr Aamir Khan or the Censor Board should put an alert before the scene. We live in the times when people don’t think twice before assaulting anyone, be it women or senior citizens,” he said.

Though Madhukar has been let off, the investigation is reportedly under way. “The accused appeared extremely remorseful, saying he was swayed by alcohol and emotions. A non-cognisable complaint has been registered,” a source from Goregaon police station was quoted as saying.

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