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‘Reeling under colonial hangover’: Twitterati slam Delhi Golf Club after they ousted Khasi woman for wearing Jainsem

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Misconceptions about the North East and its people are a perennial problem plaguing many Indians. Though an integral part of our country, but our lack of knowledge, ignorance and stereotyping about the seven-sister states continues to humiliate them. Recently, an elderly woman from Meghalaya was gravely insulted when she was asked to leave the Delhi Golf Club for wearing a traditional attire — the Jainsem.

“They told me, ‘Leave the dining hall, maids are not allowed.’ They were very rude. I felt ashamed and angry. I was wearing the traditional Khasi dress — Jainsem — and they told me this dress was not allowed,” the woman, Tailin Lyngdoh, told the Indian Express. “I have been to the biggest restaurants and clubs in London, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. But before yesterday, no one had asked me to leave their premises,” an offended Lyngdoh said.

Lyngdoh, the elderly Khasi woman, who is a governess, was invited to the ‘elite’ club along with her employer, Nivedita Barthakur, by a member. Ten minutes into their lunch, two members from the management approached them and asked Lyngdoh to leave.

As the news spread, it created a huge outcry on various social media platforms. Though, initially, the club refrained from making a comment, facing severe backlash on social media, it later issued an apology. Though the club in its apology denied the charges that she was asked to leave the premises. However, Netizens were in no mood to accept it and pardon them.

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People across the country accused the ‘elite’ club of the colonial hangover and their outlandish behaviour towards traditional Indian attire. Many called for a ban of these bizarre and archaic dress-codes in these elitist clubs across the country. Many people from the north-eastern states raised their voice on social media and said this is the kind of everyday racism they face in their own country.

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