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RJ Naved disappoints fans after playing insensitive prank on a guy whose pet dog went missing

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RJ Naved is known for his lighthearted jokes and social messages. Right from raising awareness about rape culture in the country to his monologues on aborting fictional girl child, he has been in news for propagating good causes. However, things took a turn for the worse when he pranked a pet owner whose dog had recently gone missing.

The RJ, who came across the phone number of the guy on the posters he had put up for his missing dog, told the owner that he had found the furball, which was evidently a lie. When the guy realised it was just a dirty prank, he started abusing RJ Naved.

Now, deriving pleasure out of other people’s misery is not good and as expected, Netizens didn’t take it too kindly.

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Check the audio here. 

Those who heard the show on air and those who came across this audio on social media made it a point to share their anger on Twitter.

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Here are some of the reactions.

It’s time we value animals.

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