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Ryan International murder case: Renuka Shahane condemns VIOLENCE with this moving Facebook post

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In a shocking revelation of the Ryan International case murder case of seven-year-old Pradyuman Thakur on September 8, the CBI announced that a Class XI student was “apprehended” for the murder. The CBI said that the student wanted the exams and parent-teacher meeting at the school postponed and thought that such an act would disrupt the functioning of the school and would shut the school down for at least a few days. “He believed that a sensational act would either force the school to shut down for a few days or create enough disruption to cancel the exams and the parent-teacher meeting,” a CBI officer said.

In latest developments, as the team’s next step is to recreate the scene by taking him to the murder spot, Renuka Shahane, who is known for taking a strong stand on socially relevant issues, expressed her views on Facebook in a soul-stirring post. With the latest developments in the investigation, Shahane wrote a poignant post yet again raging with her words. “It sickens me how violence is considered cool these days & in the run for grades we’ve left humanity far behind,” she said.

This is her Facebook post.

‘I’m sure all of you must have heard who the real culprit is in the Pradyuman murder case. The CBI has taken into custody an 11th grader who allegedly thought nothing of slitting the throat of an innocent 7 year old school boy just so that the school will have to declare a holiday, exams won’t be held & ptm won’t follow soon after. It sickens me how violence is considered cool these days & in the run for grades we’ve left humanity far behind. The rich parents,the management of the school & the Gurugram police who did such a shoddy job, didn’t mind making a scapegoat of an innocent man whose only crime was his poverty. It’s time “International Schools” wake up & start actually educating their pupils. And somewhere I hope somebody is teaching the rich that not everything can be bought with money; definitely not good values & definitely not a good education. There are no short cuts in life & no expressway has milestones! RIP Pradyuman 😢’

Popular for her role in the 1994 film Hum Aapke Hain Koun..!, Shahane had taken to Facebook earlier as well to express her shock after the murder of the little schoolboy. Evidently disturbed, Shahane had raised questions about the security of children in schools. “Totally shocked, horrified, dismayed by the brutal murder of a seven year old child at the Ryan International School, Gurugram & a rape of a three year old by a peon in another school in the national capital…. Sometimes I just feel it’s time for us humans to be destroyed,” she had written in her earlier post.

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