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‘Send them back’: US woman hurls racial abuses at an Indian cashier

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Racial attacks are on a rise in the US, and of late, many Indians are being bullied and harassed too. Amid the rising tension, a video is doing rounds on social media, where an American woman can be heard hurling abuses at an Indian cashier and some customers.

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It all started when a Latino family was paying using a few coupons and the cashier was helping them through the process. The American woman had to wait in the queue for quite a long time due to that. Thinking that the family was Indian, she got furious. She accused the cashier of helping them while making the natives wait. Moreover, she also hurled racial slurs against the family to the departmental store employee saying, “Send them back to their own f***ing country.”

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There are some profanity and explicit language used in the video, so do watch with discretion.

Watch the video here.

Although people at the store tried to explain that the customers were not Indians, the woman didn’t seem to care or acknowledge the ignorance. “I don’t know what the hell they are…” the woman could be heard saying. The incident took place at the Sears store in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and a man recorded as the woman made the bigoted comments.

This is not the only incident that has come into limelight. On June 4, a student from Telangana was shot and left severely injured, while two other Indians have lost their lives in the past few months. Earlier in May, an Indian-American doctor Ramesh Kumar was found dead in a car in Michigan, while an Indian techie Srinivas Kuchibhotla was shot dead at a Kansas bar.

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