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‘Sickening’ video of man with special needs, brutally gagged and thrashed, shocks the Internet

‘Sickening’ video of man with special needs, brutally gagged and thrashed, shocks the Internet

In a shocking incident, four people bound and gagged a man with special needs, assaulted and physically abused him. And as if that wasn’t barbaric enough, they even broadcast live on Facebook! The horrific incident took place in Chicago, and the state police have arrested the four offenders after the video went viral.

The disturbing video, which is full of profanity, shows the attackers thrashing the man and dumping cigarette ash on him. The miscreants also ripped the victim’s clothes with a knife and cut his hair leaving his scalp to bleed.

The video also shows the perpetrators yelling “f*** Donald Trump” and “f*** white people, boy” at the victim. However, it is not clear if the abused man was a supporter of the president-elect.

“If any one of y’all got a problem with this, I’m gonna tie y’all bi*** a** up too!” one of the offenders threatened, while recording the video.

The victim is seen cringing in a corner with his arms tied and mouth taped and being punched and kicked by the attackers.

After the attack, the victim had gone missing and was discovered by the police in an unstable state later only in underwear despite the freezing temperature. “Officers took the victim to an area hospital, where he is recovering, and later connected him to the disturbing video,” reports The Huffington Post.

“We’re still talking to the victim. It’s quite a possibility that it is a kidnapping and that’s certainly one of the charges we’ll be seeking if it turns out to be that,” a police officer said. The police said the victim was traumatised and it was very difficult to communicate with him properly to find out if he was kidnapped or went willingly. The cops also said that at least one of the suspects was acquainted with the victim.

The original video has been deleted, but others have uploaded it again on other platforms, and they’ve gone viral.

The police, describing the video, said the incident was “sickening” and it’s shocking how hateful people can get.

The four suspects, two men and two women, are in custody awaiting charges, the Chicago Police Department said in a news conference on Thursday. However, the names of the victim and suspects have not been revealed by the police.

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