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Twitterati criticise spilling of milk as a means of protest by farmers; ‘give it to the needy’

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As the 10-day nationwide strike by farmers began on Friday (June 1), pictures of milk being spilled and vegetables being thrown on roads are causing an unrest on Twitter. While the organised protest is gradually garnering support, pictures and videos of farmers spilling milk as part of their strike has left many alarmed on the Internet, especially Twitter. What they could have instead done was, many on the micro-blogging site suggested, to distribute food and milk among the poor and the needy.

Called by the All India Kisan Mahasangh, the farmers are demanding loan waiver and the implementation of the MS Swaminathan Committee’s recommendations.

“There are children who are still dying for just a drop of milk. If you want to protest it’s fine. but tha day when ,”Anya Devta” turns his back on you dont complain. Atleast without wasting the milk,they could have given to the poor for free.” “Ths is nonsense, foolishness. Milk is the Purest like AMRIT n is being worshipped. Insulting Milk is the biggest Sin. Instead of throwing it, they shld distribute it Free to Poors. I had criticized it earlier also. Eatable Items shldnt be thrown ever. No Religion hs taught us ths.” are some of the angst-ridden responses the farmers’ acts garnered on social media.

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Here is what others had to say.

In Maharashtra, despite the fact that 110 farmers’ organisations have participated in the protest, major organisations like Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatana and others have refused to be a part of the strike. Even on the first day of the strike, board of administrators of Pune wholesale market chairman Dilip Khaire reportedly said that the arrivals of vegetables and fruits have been nothing unusual or worrisome. Despite the lukewarm support from Maharashtra, many on social media seemed more forthcoming.

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