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Twitterati divided over IIT-Bombay hostel asking non-vegetarian students to use separate plates

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An email to the students of the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B) has triggered a huge debate online. In a letter dated January 12, IIT-Bombay urged its non-vegetarian students to use separate plates in their hostel mess in order to avoid a mix-up. The email was dispatched after several vegetarian students raised objections to the administration of hostel No. 11 of the institute. It was sent by the mess council, which comprises hostel residents who avail its food facilities.

“I am getting complaints from many students who want students who eat non-vegetarian food to use separate plates. Therefore, this is a request to all non-veg eaters, to please only use the tray type plates meant specially for non-veg dishes during dinner. Please do not use the main plates for non-veg dishes,” read the email.

As the news spread, leading to quite a stir online, the council sent a fresh mail saying no such “imposition” will be made. The general secretary of Hostel 11, Ritika Verma, clarified in an email: “This thing has been practised since a long time, that mess people are serving non-veg in different plates as they are not part of the main menu. We concern religious belief but as council members, nothing of such kind can be forced upon anyone (sic).”

But people on Twitter are not willing to let go with this clarification. While some called the “request” laden with casteism, others thought the issue was being blown out of proposition. Few dubbed it regressive, others thought that the complaints were justified.

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