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Udaariyaan, 10th January 2022, Written Update: Jasmine crashes the party

Udaariyaan, 10th January 2022, Written Update: Jasmine crashes the party

In today’s episode, Fateh convinces Khushbeer to attend the event. Fateh wants Tejo to be happy when she sees happy and united families. He sends Tejo a dress with her brothers as a present. Tejo becomes emotional when she feels her brothers have given her the dress. Fateh gifts a dress to Simran. He desires to bring her together with Buzo. Simran says that Buzo’s parents will never accept her, knowing her past. Fateh urges her not to take the brunt of her past and that he will take care of everything.

Jasmin meets her friend Sweety and informs her that she will exact her revenge on Tejo and Fateh by attending the Lodhi event. Sweety tells her not to attend the celebration when the entire village will be there. Jasmin says she has no fear of facing anybody, and that this time she would surprise the families, bringing their bliss to an end.

Fateh is waiting for Tejo. She enters wearing the outfit he gifted her. Fateh extends a warm greeting to Tejo. He tries to bring Virks and Sandhu’s together. Tejo is overjoyed when she meets the Virks. Khushbeer and Rupy are both upset when they see each other. Bau Ji asks them to put aside their differences and celebrate together. Tejo also convinces Rupy. Khushbeer and Rupy both agree. Fateh tries to introduce Simran to Buzo’s parents, who are unaware of Buzo and Simran’s relationship. They sympathize with Simran after learning about her unsuccessful marriage. Buzo fails to tell his parents about Buzo. Fateh tries to persuade them with a gentle approach. He also attempts to build a rapport with Tejo.

Angad enters, greets Tejo, and informs her that Khushbeer invited him. Angad attempts to persuade and influence Rupy. He informs Rupy that Fateh does not deserve Tejo and that he has hurt Tejo by divorcing her and then faking the marriage with Jasmin. Rupy expresses gratitude and acknowledges that he understands his worries. Jasmin comes dancing and lifts the veil off her face. Everyone is shocked.

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