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VIDEO: Netizens fume after Kerala woman beats up grandmother

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Video showing a woman in Kerala’s Kannur district beating up a frail, elderly woman has gone viral on the Internet. (Source: Shihab Zaini/Facebook)

Videos of a woman in Kannur’s Ayikkara coastal village beating up an elderly woman has left social media users fuming. Shared on the Internet by a Facebook user, one of the videos show the Kerala woman screaming at the frail, elderly woman and then beating her with her bare hands. The video was shot by onlookers, who are heard trying to stop the woman from physically abusing the old woman, who the Facebook user claims is her mother. Reports, however, claim that the former – identified as Deepa – is the elderly woman’s granddaughter.

Deepa pays no heed to those capturing the video, who try to get her to back off by threatening to complain to the police. A second video in the same post, shows people trying to convince the old woman to shift to a shelter to escape the assault.

According to, the grandmother has been admitted into Athani, a shelter home and the police has filed a case against Deepa. has written to Zaini for more details and is awaiting his response. Deepa has been staying in the house with her mother Janaki and grandmother Kalyani, reported Mathrubhoomi, while also said that the three have been mentally ill.

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