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VIDEO: Reverse objectification isn’t any better! Ad shows men as ‘naked props’ in the background

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From time immemorial, we have seen pop culture, many advertisements and movies depicting women as objects looked at with the male gaze. They often decimate into the background as good-looking props, while in other cases, are seen swooning over the man who gets the meaty part of the deal. But is the answer to sexism in the industry a reversal of roles? Suistudio, a clothing company has launched an advertisement campaign with the hashtag #NotDressingMen that shows women in pantsuits and men as ‘props’ in the background. Naked men, to be specific. Ever since the campaign caught people’s attention, it has created an uproar and debate on social media platforms.

While the makers of the ad have tried to primarily focus on women power and ‘woman as a powerful dresser’, some on social media have contested their take as ‘pushing the objectification button’, others have liked it and called it a ‘reversal of the gazes’. Before we take a look at the reactions the advertisement has been generating on the Internet, watch the video here.

Warning: Viewers’ discretion advised.

Here are some of the responses the video has garnered on the micro-blogging site.

Many seem to be of the opinion that the advertisement had been tastefully done and is an answer to how women are generally used as objects to amplify the spotlight men receive, somebody seems to have missed the memo on gender equality — that reversal of gaze is probably not the answer, but portraying men and women equally is.

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