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Videos: ALARMING clips showing how fruit and vegetable vendors CHEAT buyers go viral on Facebook

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Revealing how many fruits and vegetable vendors are probably tricking customers into believing they are paying for their money’s worth, some videos by a Facebook user have gone viral. Seemingly shot by a hidden camera, the viral clips show how vendors are deftly tampering with the quantity and quality of the products that people are buying from them, right under their nose!

The post has four videos, one of which shows a vendor keeping a fruit on the weighing machine in addition to the packet to add to the weight, another showing a man selling rice or wheat by keeping a weight under the container to con the buyers. Equally shocking are the other two videos, which show the sellers tactfully changing the packets of fruits or veggies once the people have bought them. Shockingly, the videos show this as happening in broad daylight with the unsuspecting buyers falling prey.

Watch the videos here.

The Facebook user, Vikram Maiya, shared the videos on the Internet on November 19 with the caption: “This is how people gonna cheat you. Watch it carefully till the end.” With shares on the post increasing every minute within just 21 hours at the time of writing, the post has definitely gone viral. has reached out to Maiya to learn more about the videos and is awaiting his response.

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