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WATCH: After United Airlines’ fiasco, another video showing Asian doctor’s bloodied face is going viral

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Many passengers on the flight identified the man as a doctor. (Source: Kaylyn Davis/Twitter)

On April 10, video of a passenger being dragged out by employees of an airline inundated the social media. Reportedly, United Airlines had overbooked the flight and an Asian man, apparently a doctor, was asked to give his seat to a United employee who “needed to be in Louisville” for a flight the following day. When he refused, he was manhandled and dragged out of his seat. While the videos of the shocking incident have been doing the rounds of the Internet, another clip that shows the man’s bloodied face has now gone viral.

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The airlines that was headed from Chicago to Louisville in the United States has since then been at the receiving end of social media backlash and outrage, especially after one of the passengers Audra Bridges posted the video on his Facebook page. While the initial video shows three officials in uniform dragging the wailing man out of his seat, while onlookers protest and shout in disbelief, the new video, shared on Twitter by a person who goes by the name Kaylyn Davis, shows the man standing at the aisle door with a bloodied face.

Watch the video here.

The bespectacled, visibly disoriented man is seen repeatedly saying that he wants to go home in the very short, 7-second clip.

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