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WATCH: David Beckham’s tattoos come to life in a video against child abuse

WATCH: David Beckham’s tattoos come to life in a video against child abuse

Football superstar David Beckham’s tattoos may have been the object of interest for many years, much like that of any other celebrity, but in this moving UNICEF film, the inked images come to life to convey the plight and pain of children being abused the world over.

Shared by the UN body that works for children across the world, the video gives the message that “David Beckham chose the marks on his skin, but millions of children bear marks that they haven’t chosen. Violence against children is wrong. It’s on all of us to end it.”

Beckham, who is a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, said he was shocked by the accounts of child violence, and this video in which his tattoos have been animated to reflect the kind of violence and emotional attack kids unwittingly bear is being widely shared to send the message that there is an urgent need to end violence against children. Each of the tattoos represent the kind of abuse that children have to endure at what should be ‘safe places’ for them, such as their homes, schools, play grounds, etc.

According to the UN body, every 5 minutes a child dies as a result of violence, and approximately one in 10 girls under the age of 20, or 120 million girls worldwide, have experienced sexual violence.

Watch the video here.

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