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WATCH: Kolkata guy CAUGHT taking pics of woman’s tattoo gets what he deserves

WATCH: Kolkata guy CAUGHT taking pics of woman’s tattoo gets what he deserves

As much as we claim to be a progressive lot, the truth is that even today women find themselves often vulnerable and unsafe, especially in public spaces. While the ‘moral police’ among us would be quick to jump up and say that “women shouldn’t travel alone” or “women shouldn’t go out in the dark”, recent incidents will show how these arguments have no value. It was only some time ago that a girl from Mumbai shared the gruesome incident of a man masturbating at her in the local train on social media. Now, it is a couple of girls’ video of a guy clicking their pictures on Kolkata’s Howrah-Malda Intercity Express that is going viral.

Satarupa Chakraborty, one of the girls on the local train, took to Facebook to share the incident and how they bravely confronted him.

This is the post, which also contains the video.

According to the post, written in Bengali, the guy’s name is Pintu Mondal and he is a daily passenger on the train. She said that everyday, he passes his time by clicking pictures and recording videos of women discreetly on his smartphone. This time he was caught while he was recording her friend Ditsa. He kept denying that he had done it, in spite of the proof. Mondal finally admitted to clicking the pictures, but with little regret and in fact even challenged them to take him to the police when the men accused his actions of being akin to “rapist culture”. So much so, he even said he wasn’t guilty for what he had done. “As if clicking pictures of women without their permission do not qualify as a crime, isn’t it?” she asked in her Facebook post. He defended his act by saying that he liked the girl’s tattoo and so clicked a picture.

According to Storypick, when the girls were about to get down at Howrah, he started clicking pictures of Dritsa’s tattoo. When she snatched the phone from him, it got screen-locked and he refused to give the password and denied he had clicked pictures.

But they were met with reluctance even as they took the man to Howrah GRPF (Government Railway Police Force). They were given the two options of either lodging an FIR or handing over the case to GRPF. The officials reportedly tried to dissuade the girls from taking the matter seriously because they were ‘from good families’ and would have to make several visits to the station pertaining to the issue. has reached out to Chakraborty and is awaiting a response.

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