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WATCH: Principal and teacher EXCHANGE BLOWS in front of students in Punjab school

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The importance of a teacher’s role in a student’s life cannot be denied. Teachers are often the first role model a student has in his/her life, but a shocking incident that took place in a school in Punjab threatens to shake this belief. Recorded on camera, a teacher and the principal of a government high school in Dera Bassi were caught fighting with each other, as the students looked on. According to a Hindustan Times report, Veena Bassi, the headmistress and science teacher, Kailash Rani, have long been involved in bitter squabble and this fight is believed to be an outcome of that.


Rani claims she was on a two-day leave on Friday and Saturday and when she joined the school on Monday she was allegedly beaten up by the principal and other teachers. Rani has accused the headmistress Bassi of misusing school funds, and claimed that the staff members wanted to get her transferred, but the court stayed her posting. The science teacher also stated that though she was second in seniority, Bassi gave the charge of vice headmistress to a junior teacher. Bassi, on her part, has maintained that she and other staff members are in danger from Rani. Demanding that the department should either shift her or the science teacher, Bassi said that Rani attacked three teachers, including the Hindi teacher, Deepika, the computer teacher, Geetanjali, and others.

Watch the video here.

Manjit Singh, the chairman of the school has held both the parties responsible for the event and said that such incidents were the reason behind the school’s poor results in matriculation. Gurpreet Kaur, deputy district education officer, Mohali, who visited the school said that she took written complaints from the staff, including the headmistresses and Kailash, and even the villagers. She also added that she will send them to the higher authorities soon.

This longstanding feud among the staff led to an uncertain future for the students.

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