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WATCH: Singer assaulted on an Italian talent show, producers later call it a ‘prank’

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In spite of several initiatives, the definition of consent still seems to escape many. Women, irrespective of the position they are in, are almost always vulnerable to different types of assaults and molestation. What is worse, however, is the attitude of not taking it seriously. One such instance was what happened on an Italian talent show.

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In a video that has now gone viral, one of the male dancers can be seen groping Italian singer Emma Marrone during show rehearsals.

The man can be seen touching her inappropriately in spite of Marrone being visibly uncomfortable with it. The dancer continues to grope her even though he is repeatedly shoved away by Marrone.  At one point, she even says, “A little less,” but the dancer refuses to listen.  Eventually, the singer pushes the dancer to the ground. It was at this moment that the producers revealed that it was a prank, and the episode was a joke.

You can watch the video here.


The producers of Amici Di Maria Di Philipe uploaded the video on their Facebook page, and described it as a ‘joke’.

But the ‘joke’ has clearly not gone down too well with others, and the organisers are facing a lot of flak for their insensitive remark. While one user said, “You have sexually assaulted a girl, it’s not funny and it’s not a joke. Do you think that’s funny to see a woman while being touched her against her will? You find it funny?” other maintained, “The only message through is that to get their hands on a girl’s fair. So much mess isn’t it? Shame on you.”

According to a report in The Local, an organisation, campaigning against sexual violence, is calling for Italy’s politicians to introduce comprehensive ethical guidelines for media  after this entire episode.

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