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WATCH: This video of a cop setting an auto on fire during Chennai Jallikattu protests goes viral

WATCH: This video of a cop setting an auto on fire during Chennai Jallikattu protests goes viral

After being lauded for peaceful pro-Jallikattu protests in Chennai for around six days, the city suddenly turned violent. The violence erupted in retaliation to police action against the protesters who were assembled at Marina beach, which also served as the epicentre of the entire agitation. And as if that wasn’t horrifying enough, videos of policemen – keepers of law and order – seemingly committing arson during the protests have emerged online and are being shared widely.

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Of the photos and videos being circulated, one particular video has caught the attention of social media – it is of a cop, most likely a constable going by the uniform, setting an auto on fire by throwing a burning bunch of newspapers into the autorickshaw. Though the authenticity of the video has not yet been verified, it was apparently sent to New 18 Tamil by a viewer, which aired it on its channel. The video was then shared on Twitter by actor Kamal Haasan, and has gone viral ever since.

The incident had reportedly taken place in Mylapore, which is close to the Marina beach. The police is said to be investigating the video, since there have been several instances of videos and photos being edited and morphed, and then circulated as ‘news’ from the Jallikattu protests.

Watch the video here.


Early Monday morning, the police deployment at Marina beach started growing as they tried to persuade the protesting people to call it off and vacate the site. A similar move was made at other important locations in Coimbatore and Madurai among other areas. However, the protesters refused to budge and demanded till evening to mull things over. Within hours, however, the police began its operation and starting removing the protesters from Marina beach using force, a charge denied by them.

Amid protests on Chennai streets, the Tamil Nadu assembly unanimously passed the Jallikattu Bill. The bill was tabled in the assembly by chief minister O Panneerselvam and was cleared by the house within a few minutes.

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