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WATCH: This woman police officer stood bravely against ‘BJP party workers’ attempts to bully her

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Even as people continue to laud Gal Gadot and her stellar performance in and as Wonder Woman, closer home there is a woman police officer who is increasingly becoming popular for more or less the same reasons. A video showing men claiming to be Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) workers arguing with a woman police officer identified as Circle Offcer (CO) Shrestha Thakur and bullying her is now going viral.

According to a report by The Huffington Post, the police imposed challan on a BJP district panchayat worker Pramod Lodhi, in Bulandshahr after they found out he wasn’t carrying all the requisite documents of his bike. When other BJP leaders got to know about the incident, they created a ruckus, claiming that their party leaders were being specifically targetted. This is when Thakur intervened and stood tall and mighty against the raging party workers.

A calm and composed seeming Sharma is seen saying to the BJP workers to get it written from the Chief Minister that the police shouldn’t check their vehicles and then they won’t. The unrelenting workers continued to argue and even accused the officials of taking bribe. ALSO READ | This ‘single lady’s’ Facebook post on not being allowed to stay in Hyderabad hotel goes viral

Watch the video here.

“You are the kind of people who will create rifts between Hindus and Muslims too,” said Thakur in the video, after the party workers made false accusations on the cops. She warned that their hooliganism might lead to people believing that they are actually BJP’s goons.

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