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WATCH: US woman calls Chinese couple ‘foreign dogs’ at NYC McDonald’s

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Siwei Shen and his girlfriend were at a McDonald’s outlet in New York City when an elderly woman started hurling abuses at them. The duo was sitting at a table at the eatery when the lady objected, saying that they had no right to be there as they are “not American”.

The Chinese student, who is reportedly studying at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, was shocked by the woman’s racist rant, calling them “foreign dogs”. Shen filmed the incident on his phone, saying, “This is 2017 and this lady has said I cannot sit in a restaurant.”

“Who would be likely to sit on the table, me – an American, or them – foreign dogs?” the woman yelled at the couple. She continued, “Don’t come here and sit on our tables. I’m trying to eat and this is sitting on the table”, gesturing at them.

According to a report by the Shanghaist, the couple had sat down at a table to decide on what to eat when the woman suddenly began her racist tirade, arguing that “since they had not ordered any food, they could not sit down”.

Shen posted the video on Facebook on July 16, which was subsequently viewed and shared in huge numbers. It has also apparently started an social media uproar on Chinese social media platform, Weibo.

“This is 2017 and some random lady said I can’t sit here because I didn’t order anything and I’m not American?!!!! What the f***, America!,” he wrote sharing the video.

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