Woman performs cartwheel wearing flowy skirt and high heels

Woman performs cartwheel wearing flowy skirt and high heels

India is a land of many talents, and a lot of times, photos and videos go viral of people displaying their talents on social media. Amid the wedding videos which are currently popular on Instagram, a new video is now being massively shared online which shows a girl impressively performing a cartwheel. While a lot of people can perform a cartwheel, what caught netizens’ attention in this video is that the girl, identified as Parul Arora, is doing the stunt while wearing a skirt and pointed high heels. 

In the video which is going viral on Instagram, Parul can be seen confidently performing the cartwheel dressed in a pink skirt and a blue top with high heels. She has kept her hair open too. 

Watch the video here. 

For the unversed, Parul is a fitness model and also a national medalist gymnast with more than 2,00,000 followers on Instagram. Earlier, her video had gone viral when she had shared a video doing flips while dressed in a saree. 

Sharing the video on Instagram, Parul captioned it saying, “High heels”. So far, the video has more than 2,44,000 likes on it with people praising Parul for her stance, stunt, and determination. After watching the video, social media users are surely in awe of Parul and her talent. While one user commented saying, “Nice flip and that too with heels,” another said, “Superb flip with cool dress.”

One of the other comments on the post read, “Geez, I couldn’t do that in sneakers. So COOL, Parul! AMAZING.”

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