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Women athletes find shocking note on masturbation in Bengaluru stadium

Women athletes find shocking note on masturbation in Bengaluru stadium

When women athletes entered the washroom of Kanteerava stadium in Bengaluru, they were in a for a shock because they read a note which said they should masturbate before practice every day. The obscene message, reportedly, posted in four places in the washroom had detailed instructions on the procedure and signed by the ‘Sports Authority’. The women then informed the seniors and coaches.

“On Monday, some of the younger athletes were seen asking others to refrain from using the restroom as there was something ‘bad’ there. I went there out of curiosity and was shocked to see the message, signed by ‘Sports Authority’. It is so disturbing and humiliating that somebody could enter the ladies’ restroom and spend time pasting those messages without being noticed,” a senior athlete told The Times of India.

Reportedly, the Department of Youth Empowerment and Sports had recently introduced identity cards in order to keep a check on eve-teasing but the security to maintain strict entry is still lacking and anyone can easily walk in without much ado.

The incident has left many women athletes apprehensive of using the washroom because they are scared of the presence of cameras. “The thought of using those restrooms is scary. If somebody could paste the messages without being noticed, then what is the guarantee people won’t try to install spy cameras? There were no such messages in the men’s restrooms which means the female athletes are being targeted. This amounts to sexual harassment, and I hope the authorities take it seriously,” another athlete was quoted as saying.

Reportedly, after the incident, a few parents were uncomfortable in sending their daughters to the stadium for safety reasons.

The DYES apparently felt that the messages were posted by an insider and it has also asked the officials and coaches at the stadium to increase the security. “We have spoken to coaches and clubs and warned them that if anyone is found guilty they will be barred from entering the stadium. This apart, I have also spoke to stadium authorities. We will ensure a more efficient security programme,” a DYES official told TOI.

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