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‘You won’t die’: Kiren Rijiju as he extends Arunachal invite

‘You won’t die’: Kiren Rijiju as he extends Arunachal invite

To ring in the new year, there are many who have meticulously put together travel plans. There are some among them who are determined not to let their plans go awry come what may.

We saw once such person on Twitter when Law and Justice minister Kiren Rijiju shared an advisory for tourists planning to visit Tawang.

Sharing a video of him being stuck in a snow-covered road, Rijiju cautioned people that it is “extremely dangerous to drive” in sub-zero temperatures. In response to this tweet, a person who plans to be in Arunachal soon, pleaded with the minister to not impose any restrictions as his tickets are already booked, while adding: “…Marega tho marega lekin trip cancel nai hoga.  (I will die if I have to, but the trip will not be cancelled)”

To this, the minister assured the Twitter user not to worry as his tweet was a general advisory.

Later, Rijiju responded to another user who said that North Indians might consider caution as an invitation. The minister said, “Brother, I extend a warm invitation to everyone to visit beautiful Arunachal Pradesh. Just be cautious as many people from plain areas are not aware of slippery road conditions due to snow, freezing cold and less oxygen. But the visit will be fun if you take proper care!!”

Though Kiren Rijiju’s engagement with the public is being appreciated by many, some people are also wondering if people should be travelling at all in the backdrop of the rising Omicron infections.

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