Cricket Australia chairman David Peever resigns in wake of Longstaff Review

Cricket Australia chairman David Peever resigns in wake of Longstaff Review

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November 01, 2018 17:11:22

David Peever has resigned from his position as Cricket Australia chairman after a week of pressure following the release of the Longstaff Review into the organisation’s cultural failings.

The review, released on Monday, exposed the many cultural failings of Cricket Australia in recent years that conspired to create the environment that led to the Cape Town ball-tampering saga.

Despite signing a new three-year contract to remain in his role last week — before the release of the Longstaff Review — a groundswell of anger has seemingly made Peever’s position untenable.

The review launched a scathing attack on Cricket Australia, and found the organisation was perceived as “arrogant and controlling” and that players lived in a “gilded bubble”.

But Peever was defiant in the immediate aftermath of the report’s release this week.

“No [I am not embarrassed]. Not at all. Because I’m … associated with something that is so important to Australia and that I feel very, very committed to,” he said on Monday.

“I think there are certainly elements of the report, as I said, that we need to work on and there are 42 recommendations which we have committed to. One we have said we won’t do. The rest are work in progress and in the case of several, there is a little bit of not ‘what’ but ‘how’.

“I’m not embarrassed. I’m not embarrassed at all. We’re very committed to moving the game forward and using this review as a platform to do that.”

Peever said he accepted “full responsibility” for the negative conclusions of the Longstaff report but, unlike Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft, was set to keep his job with no tangible punishment.

Many commentators found this situation to be unacceptable, including former Australian captain Ian Chappell.

“Didn’t he say the buck stops with me? I seem to recall hearing that or reading that somewhere. I mean if the buck stopped with him, he’d be gone,” Chappell told 7.30 earlier this week.

“When the fiasco in Cape Town occurred, I said if it’s only three people — being Smith, Warner and Bancroft — if only three get it in the neck then it’s a joke. Well, I think it’s now officially a joke.

“Quite rightly the players are going to be angry about that, the fact it’s only them who copped it in the neck.”

Australia’s men’s side’s home international summer begins on Sunday when it plays an ODI against South Africa in Perth.





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