FAQ’s for Writers

Best practices for Author Profiles

Your profile tells audiences about you, your background and helps them relate with the content you have written. It also helps build credibility to your content.

Below is a quick guide on how you can put up a good profile section. It’s a bunch of hygiene factors that you need to ensure so that you come across as professional, assertive and be taken seriously by audiences. Do go through the same and ensure that your profile adheres to the guidelines.

Profile Picture:

1. Please keep your profile picture as professional as possible

2. Ensure that your full face is in clear view

3. Smile! Being warm and friendly goes a long way

4. Avoid any filters that would distort your face

5. Avoid using any celebrity, sportsperson, logo, cartoon or text as your profile picture. We want the audiences to take your opinions seriously.

Official Name:

1. Please use your Official name only. It helps with error-free payments as well.

2. The name cannot be fake or resemble a social media handle or your email ID. Eg: 42shiva is a definite no.

3. The first letter of your name must be capitalised. Do not use ‘ALL UPPERCASE’ or ‘all lowercase’. Eg: John

4. If you’re using your second name also, then the starting letter of each word has to be Capitalised. Eg: John Doe

5. If your name contains initials, they need to be separated by a space. Eg: J Doe

6. No part of the name can denote an affiliation to a brand, unless you are verified as a brand account

About yourself:

1. Be civil, warm and professional while writing about yourself

2. As far as possible, write about yourself in third person

3. Be humble. Try being honest and straightforward, not pompous and self-indulgent

4. This section should give an insight into where your expertise lies and what sport(s) you write and care about

5. While your personal interests can be mentioned, it shouldn’t be very off-topic

6. The clubs or teams you follow and support can be mentioned to strike a chord with the audiences

7. Awards, accolades, sporting honours and any other prestigious publication you write for can be mentioned as part of this section

8. Any insight into what the audience can expect from your articles are welcome

Why authors get banned on updatetrendynews

updatetrendynews has a zero-tolerance policy against certain issues and we immediately ban accounts that violate them. Some of the most common reasons for banning profiles can be found below:

1) Plagiarism: This is a very serious offence and we do not take lightly to copied content. We consider plagiarism as the lowest forms of theft and a robbery of intellect. Whether it is one sentence or one paragraph, once you are caught copying content, it means that we cannot trust you. In some cases, it may warrant legal proceedings against the writer too.

2) Driving bot traffic: There have been cases where readers have sent in illegal bot traffic in an attempt to improve their earnings. Understand that our tech team is a lot smarter than you and we have systems in place to detect bot traffic within minutes. This offence also warrants legal proceedings and accounts get banned immediately.

3) Repeatedly submitting rejected articles: When our editors reject an article, it means that the content is not good enough to be published on the platform. Re-submitting the same article again amounts to spamming and your account can be banned for the same.

4) Spamming or showing disrespect in the comments section: Leaving unsolicited spam comments or displaying abusive behaviour in the comments section can also result in a permanent ban from the platform.