Nadia could only watch as baby Farah died in her arms on an AirAsia flight

Nadia could only watch as baby Farah died in her arms on an AirAsia flight

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April 22, 2019 15:39:38

A Perth woman who held a stranger’s two-month-old baby as she died in her arms aboard an international flight has described the incident as “the most confronting situation one could possibly go through”.

Key points:

  • Nadia Parenzee offered to help the baby’s parents after she became distressed
  • The baby, who she called Farah, died in her arms as she tried to soothe her
  • She said the parents from Saudi Arabia were starting a new life in Australia

Nadia Parenzee was a passenger on AirAsia flight D7236 from Kuala Lumpur to Perth early this morning, when she offered to help a couple whose baby was “really restless” and crying continuously.

“I offered the parents and the staff some assistance as I could see that the new parents were stressed,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

“As I closed my eyes to catch some sleep the AirAsia hostess tapped me on the shoulder to help her.

“The parents offered the baby to me with desperation in their eyes I took her in my arms and immediately read [the Koran passage] Surah Fatiha.

“Then baby Farah took her last breath and went limp.

“I immediately knew something was horribly wrong and shouted out to the passengers to see if there were any doctors on board.”

Ms Parenzee said two-and-a-half hours of “chaos” followed, with resuscitation efforts continuing until the plane landed.

Parents were ‘starting a new life’ in Australia

She said the baby girl’s parents, a Saudi couple, were travelling to Perth to “start a new life for themselves” in Australia.

“My heart is numb and I don’t know how to feel but I am honestly honoured to have held her and read a prayer on her before she passed,” Ms Parenzee wrote.

“To the unbelievable staff of AirAsia, you were amazing and I commend your professionalism.”

An AirAsia spokesman confirmed there was a “medical emergency” on board the flight, which was met by a team of medical specialists and WA Police on its arrival at Perth International Airport.

Officers are investigating the incident and would prepare a report for the coroner.

“We are unable to comment further on the infant’s medical situation, however our thoughts are with the infant and family involved,” an AirAsia spokesman said in a statement.

Flight delays as investigation carried out

Officials could be seen leaving the plane this morning carrying large brown paper evidence bags.

An airport staff member was also seen carrying a pram off the aircraft.

The same plane was set to depart at 6:50am as AirAsia flight D7237 from Perth back to Kuala Lumpur, but was delayed by several hours as a result of the emergency.

The AirAsia spokesperson apologised for any inconvenience caused by the delay and said the airline would help travellers to re-book.







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