Scottish Premiership: Build-up to five matches

Scottish Premiership: Build-up to five matches

Staging both League Cup semi-finals on the same day at Hampden is “almost a disaster waiting to happen”, according to Hearts owner Ann Budge.

“I’m still frustrated and dismayed at what we seem to be facing,” Budge has told BBC Radio Scotland’s Sportsound.

“We’ve spoken almost tirelessly for the past 48 hours to try to come up with an alternative. But it’s proving to be difficult. At this moment in time, we don’t have an acceptable alternative.”

Hearts owner Ann Budge

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Image caption: Hearts owner Ann Budge has expressed frustration over the SPFL’s stance

Budge also tells Sportsound that the League Cup scheduling “flies in the face” of trying to attract more supporters to matches in Scotland.

“You could have knocked me down with a feather,” she says of her reaction to the scheduling.

“Clearly, no one believes this is a good solution. I don’t believe the SPFL thinks it’s a good solution. For whatever reason, they feel their hands are tied and they can’t come up with an alternative.

“There are going to be four large clubs all converging at the same time, all wanting to the same thing,” Budge added.

“Fans will be arriving early to go for a pint, they will be going to the pubs after the first game. It really is a big problem.

“I guess from the SPFL’s perspective, all they can do is ask Police Scotland ‘are you happy you can handle this?’ and, apparently they have said yes.”

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